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Three Family Law Cases

There are not many circumstances in life that can be as stressful as going through a separation or divorce. It’s a very personal and emotional time, made even harder if you didn’t want the separation. Many people experience separation anxiety, a sense of loss or failure. There might also be feelings of bitterness, as well as the endless series of “what if” questions. Make sure you find the right divorce lawyer Brisbane.

These are all very natural responses and often form a part of the healing process as well.

Dealing with the emotional pain of a relationship breakdown can be helped with these top tips.

Don’t Be Afraid To Feel

Following a breakup, you will go through an entire spectrum of emotions. Healing actually depends on allowing yourself to feel them and work through them, leading to eventual acceptance of the situation. Bottling up these feelings will likely have the opposite result and could just lead to a deep-seated resentment and bitterness that won’t let go and allow you to move on emotionally. Realise that you can’t control everything in life and the outcome and don’t continually blame yourself.

Stay Active

There’s nothing quite like regular activity to keep your mind and body busy. Things like exercise will increase the flow of feel-good endorphins, leading to a much better frame of mind. This isn’t about being so busy that you don’t have time to feel. It’s all about being positive and learning how to move on with your life with a positive mindset.

Drowning Your Sorrows Is Not a Good Idea

Going out and getting drunk may feel good for a few hours as the alcohol helps to numb the pain, but your problems will still be there when you sober up; only now you have to deal with a hangover as well. People often do dumb things when they’re drunk too, such as sending text messages to their ex that they wouldn’t send if they were sober.

Set the Bitterness Free

It doesn’t really matter who was at fault. The important thing now is to be able to heal and move on. Harboring bitter thoughts and deep-seated anger will only slow down the healing process. Even if it might be the truth, blaming your ex for your current circumstances is not going to help you have a better life. It’s entirely your choice now whether you’re prepared to move on to better things or not.

Don’t Go It Alone

Don’t suffer in silence. Seek moral support and even guidance from those that care about you the most; your family and friends. While you will need some quiet time to yourself to deal with how you feel, spending too much time alone can be counter-productive. Be uplifted by those who have your best interests at heart.

Know Your Rights

Whether the relationship was a marriage or de facto arrangement, if children and/or property are involved, then you will need to seek legal counsel from a specialist family law firm. In Brisbane, talk with the experts at Aylward Game Solicitors. Make an appointment for a free consultation today and Stay Ahead of the Game.

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