Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Three Family Law Cases

Often when two people separate one of them will come to see us and seek legal advice and be looking to make an application to the court given that things aren’t good between the two of you and you’re really looking to take some action to protect your interests and get what you think is fair after the separation our job as solicitors is to provide advice to you that is consistent with the law and to ensure that you’re not looking for things that are unreasonable and that you can still get what you want but it is consistent with your legal position. It’s really important to seek legal advice to figure out what the best steps to take for you are and sometimes that doesn’t involve court at all sometimes it can involve just negotiating between the two of you to try and reach a property settlement or to come up with some parenting arrangements that are suitable given all the circumstances but sometimes court does become necessary and we can take that step for you if you kind of reach agreement with your partner and you need sometimes done so that you can move on with your life.   

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